TENSATION, the exciting new numbers game was born when several people of different educational and language skills were playing Scrabble.

There had to be an easier and fairer way for them to compete and when the Scrabble alphabet was changed to the numbers 1 - 10, a new game was invented that has all the dynamics and challenges of Scrabble, but can
easily be played by people of all nationalities and literacy levels.

Because people as young as 6 can count to 10, this new game could be played between children, parents and even grandparents!

Tensation is now selling in 10 countries and it provides entertainment for people of many ages, thousands of people are now enjoying this challenging and enjoyable game.

Tensation has been a great success. Join the challenge and use this wonderful new game to
raise money for your community.

Tensation is also being donated to children's hospitals in each state.

Created and designed in 2003, the invention is protected by a Worldwide PCT Patent Application in January of 2004.

TENSATION is currently manufactured and marketed under license in Australia by Tensation Australia Pty Ltd and for the rest of the world by Hasbro Inc. of the United States.
Tensation is an invented word and is protected by trademark.
Patent Protection has been sought under the Patent Co-operation Treaty application

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